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Mobile Collaboration Services

ConnectUNow offers short code SMS messaging as well with all these included features


  • Customers join your distribution list by texting a Keyword to your short code

  • Schedule up to 10 text messages after your customers join your list

  • Can include ConnectUNow’s mobile coupons

  • Schedule the messages from minutes to days after joining

  • Schedule daily or weekly messages to your distribution list

  • SMS Appointment reminders

  • Doctors, Dentists, Optometrists, and Veterinarians

  • Auto dealers and service centers

  • Restaurants

  • Hotels

  • Airlines

  • Car Rental Services

  • Rental Stores and Services

  • Past Due Reminders

  • Warrantee Renewal Reminders

Our text messaging platform now enables your audience to text a mobile keyword (e.g. "ConnectUNow") followed by a message to a designated short code (e.g. 12345) which can then be projected onto a large screen at your venue in real time. It is extremely easy to use and highly effective. You can also get the messages forwarded to your own mobile phone and email address at the same time. Our platform also enables you to filter messages, specific words, and/or block flagged phone numbers. ConnectUNow's Text-to-Screen feature allows you to collect the mobile phone number of every user in a database using the built-in bulk SMS feature to send text message promotions, event notifications, coupons, etc. to your customers.

Text To Screen



  • Real Time Interaction via SMS mobile text

  • Build crowd participation & interaction from your audience

  • Easy database management

  • Fun and engaging!

Make your event fun and engaging by allowing people to share their real-time message posts with your live audience on a large display


Clubs & Bars

People can text-to-screen song requests, entertaining comments, shout-outs, important news, etc.


Sporting Events

People can text-to-screen real-time messages to their favorite players and teams, crowd-engaging comments, shout-outs, etc.



People can text-to-screen questions about the sermon, feedback, prayer requests, etc.


Conferences & Conventions

People can text-to-screen questions about the conference, feedback, crowd-engaging comments, etc

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