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Technology Moves and Setups

When your company wants to move an office or open a new one, there’s a lot to do: seemingly endless meetings with vendors, service providers, movers, architects and interior designers, audio/visual designers, carpenters….  Something’s bound to fall through the cracks if you don’t have an experienced team ensuring all the pieces are in place so your users can hit the ground running on the First Day of Business.


ConnectUNow will help you with design decisions (does this desk have the right design for ergonomic monitor and keyboard placement?  Should we invest in sit/stand desks?), procurement, configuration, wiring, staging, disconnects, reconnects, and quality assurance testing, so your FDoB will be smooth as glass.


We know how to plan, and we also know how to work around the inevitable hiccups (What? The electricians disconnected all the monitors plugged in at the desks so they could finish the lighting?  What? The painters moved all the desks to the middle of the room to finish touching up?), because we’ve been in the trenches with our clients.  We can even help you calculate whether it will ultimately save you money to buy some new equipment, rather than move the old.

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