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Document Management Systems and eRooms

What Is Document Management?


A document management system (DMS) controls the lifecycle of documents in your organization — how they are created, organized, reviewed, published, and whether they are ultimately retained or deleted.  Although the term “management” implies that information is controlled from the top of the organization, an effective document management system should reflect the culture of the organization that uses it.  The tools you use for document management should be flexible enough to enable you to tightly control a document’s lifecycle, if that fits your enterprise’s culture and goals, but also to let you implement a more loosely-structured system, if that better suits your enterprise.  We’ve found that most users only need (and use) a few very important features:

♦  Versioning

♦  Check-in/out

♦  Comparison

♦  Access (security)

♦  Content searching

What Is an eRoom?


An eRoom is a web-based, collaborative workspace that enables distributed teams, professionals and clients, or businesses and their customers, to work together more efficiently.  For example, with an eRoom, people in different offices, in different areas of the country, can work together to edit a document or create a presentation.

SharePoint Online


ConnectUNow has customized SharePoint Online with the proper settings for different clients based on their needs.  We have migrated hundreds of thousands of documents into SharePoint from various types of media.  We’ve found that SharePoint’s out-of-the-box features cover about 90% of most SMBs’ needs.  ConnectUNow’s experienced consultants will advise you of SharePoint’s out-of-the-box options, and if they don’t cover your all needs, we can create custom settings to for you. Although there are many commercially-available solutions that run on top of SharePoint, why spend a fortune in licensing costs if you can be up in running in no time with a DMS or eRoom running on SharePoint Online?

Contact us for a demo of and pricing for ConnectUNow’s DMS or eRooms.

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