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EndPoint Services

The endpoint has, for most companies, always been the technological afterthought.  The lion’s share of investment dollars have gone to the network, and the staff supporting it.  The lowly endpoint, despite its importance to users, has quietly suffered, with the only question asked being, “Do we have antivirus on it?”  But companies today understand that the endpoint, together with the proper skill set to support it, is an area where investment pays off. 


ConnectUNow's CEO Juan Ballar spent 20 years of his career focused only on endpoints, and he knows the difference between endpoints that keep users productive, and endpoints that are nothing but pain points.


ConnectUNow provides proven endpoint advice and support, based on real-world experience managing massive rollouts and endpoint lifecycles.



We offer Lead Engineer experience in


  • Defining technical processes for desktop management

  • Creating and defining the lifecycle process, including creating checklists and manuals with client input

  • No-touch deployment of desktops and servers through automated imaging processes

  • Application packaging, and training staff to define global standards and create application deployment packages

  • Creating hardware-independent images, and training staff to define global standards and create images

  • Microsoft SCCM and Altiris Notification server

  • Training staff on Inventory solutions | Software delivery | Asset Management | International operating system deployment and support | Patch Management and defining global standards

  • Virtual PC/Mac imaging and deployment, and training staff to deploy virtual systems, define global standards, and create images

  • Training staff to define global standards for, manage, deploy, and troubleshoot a wide variety of endpoint management protocols, policies, systems and software

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