We are a trusted technology company with the mission to provide simple, but well-designed, solutions for our clients’ needs. Whether your company is large or small, we want to have a long-term, honest relationship with you.

ConnectUNow is a relationship-focused company with a “we will take care of it” attitude!

Company Standards

ConnectUNow's standards are simple, and we reiterate them throughout the year:
Respect the client and provide the best customer experience
Understand each client’s environment and culture
Be open and honest
Communicate early and often – share knowledge
Consistently create and apply standards
Proactively work on standards and issues
Speak up in meetings with your well-thought-out ideas
Appreciate your clients, team members and managers

Our Focus Areas

Software Sales

ConnectUNow believes in recommending only the best tools to our clients, and we’ve become re-sellers of a handful of those tools, so we can ensure our clients get the very best pricing and support available.

Endpoint Services

One of our main focuses is the endpoint, whether it be a desktop, laptop, tablet, terminal or even a Citrix server. We have successfully engineered life cycle management for endpoints on an enterprise level for 20 years.

Consulting and Implementation Services

Receive strategic advice and hands-on help on services from VOIP phone systems to internet connections, customized just for you.

Application Development

We have great development partners all over the world. We have created our own applications with their help and assist clients to lower their development costs.

Managed IT Services

We provide Managed IT Services for our small to medium-sized clients. We can provide 1st to 3rd level support to your IT staff or manage some or all of your IT needs.

Technology Moves and Setups

We can assist with new office rollouts and expansion. ConnectUNow has experience moving large companies to new buildings, from floor to floor, as well as setting up new office locations.

Featured Application:


Email2Print® removes the constraints from your printers, and enables printing from any device to any printer, without extra hardware or software driver complications.  Email2Print® alleviates the hassle of being on the go, when all you want to do is print!



That’s not all…

Version 5 has been released, which includes our proprietary E2P Engine Box.

The E2P Engine Box runs Windows 10 and has built-in Bluetooth, WiFi, RJ45 and USB. This allows all different type printers to be supported with our platform with no extra cost to deploy to additional sites. 



We have demo units ready to ship.

Although the Email2Print® Engine runs on most Windows systems, we can ship you our Email2Print® Engine Box with keyboard for 30 days.

This will allow you to test our solution anywhere. We can also remote into any system and install it for you.  Please contact us for more information.

Companies that have trusted ConnectUNow:


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We are open:

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